Riding the Gold Thread Rollercoaster

Now that my tendinitis is mostly resolved, I’ve been attempting to catch up with my latest project, an illuminated letter ‘A’ done in laid and couched work, plus split stem detailing.   The photo here is of the work in progress, but I’m hoping to have it completed within the next week.

Stitching this piece reminded me of the way I always end up feeling whenever I use gold threads.  It doesn’t matter what make or type of thread, the problems inherent with use of metals reduce me to a partially coherent wreck by the time I’m done.   While I’m finishing, I swear fervently never to use the stuff again, only to change my mind completely when I survey the completed piece.  Metallic threads are usually a complete pig to use but, undeniably, look lovely in their proper place.

I guess I could then say that I enjoy having used them, but not at the time I’m actually using them.  Thankfully, I am not totally addicted to adding ‘bling’ to my work.



4 thoughts on “Riding the Gold Thread Rollercoaster

  1. gold is never the easiest to use, although it helps if you get good quality. what always anooys me about it is that it makes my fingers sore when I’m using it, thus limiting the amount of time I can ssew with gold in a day, specially with underside couching

  2. lizheffner says:

    Yes indeed. I may have to push the boat out a little and aim for a higher quality of gold thread next time. I think half of my difficulty in this current piece stems from my decision to trial a cheaper one. Not good!

  3. i find its not so much price as whether its metal or metallic plastic that makes the difference – the best stuff I’ve got is a massive reel of vintage metal thread I got off ebay, I Hvae enough to last a lifetime as the reel is enourmous, and it was only £15. second choice is military passing, but that cost about £30 for a cotton reel size. I wont touch the stuff they sell in my local embroidery shop cos its rubbishy plastic

  4. lizheffner says:

    I shall keep an eye out on Ebay more in that case. I certainly agree about the more accessible gold threads stocked in the stores!

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