Hestor rides…again.

I’m almost tempted to call my current piece ‘Son of Hestor’ or ‘The Return of the Son of Hestor II’ in bad movie title style, but the reality is more appealing.

Having had my firm suspicions about what cotton was doing to me with long term repetitive use, I switched to silk and have now executed about two thirds of the outlining on a duplicate Hestor design.  Luckily for me, I took the time to draw it out on paper despite the fact that I only intended to use it once, so I had it to use again. Hurrah!

There are some small differences in the design, as I used the opportunity to correct a couple of things, but naturally a few other things crept in…as they do.   My tower lines are distinctly wobbly, but as far as I can tell, this is partly due to the tension on the frame, as it seems to balance out better when the tension is removed.

I haven’t got to the really dense, intense stitching yet, but at this early stage it seems that switching to silk is solving my issues with hand and finger strain.  It’s going to quadruple the material cost of a piece though, so I may find that this makes it economically unviable.  Time will tell on that score.


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