Hestor finally arrives

Hopefully the wait was worth it!

100% silk and metallic gold thread on canvas in split stitch.     Inspired by Royal 20D iv f.150v.

Grail Knight

I went back and fixed the bottom right corner slightly after this photo, but the difference is not so great that it warrants an entirely new image!   The angles also don’t look anywhere near as strange now that the piece is off the frame.

Editing to add a couple of ‘close up’ shots as per request! 🙂

Grail Knight detail1

Grail Knight detail2


6 thoughts on “Hestor finally arrives

  1. I like the texture that the technique gives to the image, particularly on the trees and the stonework.

    One can’t really see that in the small version, only if you zoom right in, so if you are photographing this for sale, I wonder if it would be worth providing a couple of ‘closeup’ details as well as the image of the entire piece? That would act as a cue to encourage people to view the full version. Or you could cloud zoom it so that this happened on mouseover, I suppose, although I think I’d do thumbnails as well to encourage people to examine it more closely…

    I think the photo is very slightly out of focus if you do look really carefully (can you tell I am using big monitor that has just been cleaned? :-D)

  2. lizheffner says:

    Thanks! I did do a couple of close ups on my Facebook page but didn’t include them here. I shall edit the blog post to add them now!

    My husband has also promised to construct a gallery style web site for me that incorporates exactly those fine ideas!

    Sorry about the photo quality – I’m not that good, can you tell? 😀 I will definitely be getting some better quality photos taken, but am saving the visit to the photographer up for when I have several pieces to take. 🙂

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