Having spent the last 7 days at Disney World with a very excited 4 year old Cinderella clone, I was keen to get back to work but, sadly, find myself foiled by the death of my desktop computer.

My husband has rebuilt the drives and re-installed Windows, but I’m still missing all of my design software, Office suite and really just about anything that I need to be productive short of actually stitching. I have all the disks but my dvd drive also needs to be replaced! It never rains but it pours, right? It’s at times like this that my dependence on technology is revealed as a weakness, though it certainly does save time and labour when it is all working.

As for actual stitching, I need to finish my first piece for the Embroiderer’s Guild course that I’m doing, the deadline for receipt of which is mid February. Hopefully both my strep throat and tennis elbow (thanks, Disney) will slacken off this week in sufficient time for me to complete that piece and get it into the mail!

Smaug has been stretched and we’ll collect him to take to the printer on Saturday with luck!