Hunterian Taurus

This chap took a little longer than I’d hoped.    I needed to take 10 days off in the middle in order fully to recover from a sympathetic nerve block procedure (spinal injection) under general anaesthetic.    This was hopefully one of the last stages of active treatment of my chronic regional pain syndrome following injury in 2014.

My back was a bit unhappy for a while after that but is back to normal now and thus permitting me to get on with working again.

In the end, including prep time, framing up, designing, all of the stitching, couching etc and then assembly of the padded frame and stretching him onto it with upholstery staples, it took 47 hours.

I have an hour tonight before my daughter gets home from first grade and I’m hoping to have the next design drawn up by then.    I’m taking a bit of a break from the zodiac for a bit and focusing on something else.   To be revealed.


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Medieval Mermaid

I continue to be dogged by elbow tendinitis, but have finally recovered sufficiently to do some careful embroidery work, so here it is!

This piece was completed in August 2014 after 40 hours and measures roughly 5″ x 7″. Design and photograph © Liz Heffner.

The mermaid, aquamarine in her hair, enjoys the sunshine while fish leap for joy about her, surrounded by sparkling motes.

Materials: canvas, tulle, alpaca/silk mix yarn, pure silk (soie de Paris), moss agate gemstone beads, aquamarine gemstone bead, glass beads, gilt passing thread, gilt spangles.  Techniques used: split stitch, couching, beading.

medievalmermaid mermaid detail