I’ve just about finished the line drawing for my next piece – another original. I must confess that I find working to my own designs much more satisfactory than working straight from the historical sources. My style remains very much influenced by those sources – as you will see once the next design makes its way to being photographed – but other than that I feel very much that I have ‘cut loose’.

I meant to do a fabric collage of Galadriel next, but she refused to cooperate despite having a design that I’ve worked on in my head quite a lot over recent weeks while stitching Gandalf. I am instead working on a ‘Coming of Smaug’. Not the original coming of Smaug when he turfed all of the dwarves out of their mountain realm, but the time when he comes to Esgaroth after the dwarves and Bilbo have enraged him. Not a good night for Esgaroth, generally speaking. I could have called it ‘The burning of Esgaroth’ or ‘ Smaug enraged’, but ‘The Coming of Smaug’ just seemed to fit, so those are the words featured in the picture. Actually, it’s ‘The Coming of SMAUG’. The size of the text fits the immensity of the flaming dragon. At least, that’s the idea.

Things have a way of changing as they get made, I notice. Gandalf started as he finished up, briefly held tongs in his hand, then ended up with them taken away again. I do that a lot as I’m working, but I’m hopeful to avoid it this time, hence spending a lot longer on my design phase.


Still here

Apologies for lack of updating at the moment, but I’m not getting much work done due to some ongoing major health issues.   Fingers crossed I’ll be back at it soon.