Kells Cross Stitch

I haven’t been sewing at all for a few days in a bid thoroughly to dispel my tendinitis.  Meanwhile, here’s something I made earlier.  Sadly, I didn’t think to photograph it before it was framed and, even with museum quality glass, there are reflections which detract from the work.  This is a mistake that I shall not be making again!

The design is my own and is based upon a small detail of one ‘carpet page’ illumination in the Book of Kells, though I gave it a colour scheme more reminiscent of the Book of Durrow.  It took a horrendous number of  hundreds of hours to complete, despite the relative simplicity of the design in terms of stitch types (just full cross stitch, no back stitching or half cross stitch) and colour palette.

Having said that, the sense of satisfaction upon completion was immense.  It was all I could do not to stroke it and say ‘My Precious!’.

I had it framed by a lovely lady named Diana, who took six hours to do the job justice.  She even padded it carefully so that the few ripples in the fabric were removed.